RadioBaksho Media Limited ("RadioBaksho") is a media and entertainment company specializing in radio, digital, mobile, social, live events and 
on-demand entertainment. it’s one platform for you find the right music, FM/AM radio stations for every moment on your digital discovery platform. 
 We aim to create a Bangladesh inspired through listening. Music your life with RadioBaksho.

All Your Favorite Stations. All Free       

Listen to music you like, Stream unlimited Stations, Radio stations and Podcast all in one app. RadioBaksho is easy is to use and best for everything. And it’s FREE.

The Local Radio Stations 

- Listen live and local AM and FM radio stations near your current location and from cities across the nation. 
- Listen community radio stations based on location.
- Listen to top favorite radio stations, music, community news, national news, sports, and talk.

Favorite Features

- Listen RadioBaksho to take control of your listening experience. 
- Search and play any live station with our library. 
- Favorites and play any stations.
- Enjoy unlimited live stations scan. 
- Share your stations listening feedback via Thumbs Up/Down.

Available Access

We’re coming on online, on mobiles and in 2019 coming in more accessible platform.